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THE ALL NEW TENT TRAILER has been making a very cool Westfalia Style Luggage Trailer for several years, and we have sold them all over the Country. At every show, someone says, "if only I could sleep in it". Well, Challenge Accepted! We created a Fold Out Bed Platform to fit a Twin Mattress. Then a Custom Waterproof Tent with screens and zippers to keep you off the ground, cozy and dry! Everything assembles in minutes and is still light enough to be pulled by any VW or Motorcycle. If you just need the Trailer for a show or day trip, the Bed Platform easily comes out. Although this can be a kit for you to build, we have put together a Tent Trailer Package that includes the Standard White Luggage Trailer with the Fold Out Bed Platform and our Custom Tent with all hardware for only $2199 assembled.

Options include different colors and custom tires and wheels. See our other ad for the Luggage Trailers. Any question call 928-420-1296 or email.


We can ship ANYWHERE! We want to name this Tent Trailer, so any ideas? Winning name gets a prize!

Here are a few names you came up with: