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Welcome to Glass-Action

Hi, we are doing something really cool to help our Veterans.  We are Raffling off a Limited Edition Woody Travelight Trailer.  We will only sell 1000 tickets at just $10 each, and the proceeds will go to, Veteran Resource Centers of America.  The Trailer is valued at $4500, and has every option available.  You can click on the "Luggage Trailers" on our "Pick your car" menu.  And here is even a bonus, a non winning ticket is also worth $100 discount on a Travelight Trailer or kit!  See the flyer for all the details or call us!

Just like you, we own and drive VWs daily. We are always working on something new for VW's, so if you don't see what you want, please call us and ask. The more of you who call with a certain item in mind, the more likely we'll find a way to manufacture it and have it available for you! In our website are innovative products to make your VW unique, as well as, exact replicas to replace old original or hard-to-get parts. Many of these items are designed & manufactured exclusively at GLASS-ACTION.

Since 1984, we've grown to produce many new items for Bugs, Ghias, Super Beetles, Type III's, and even Things. Our styling kit, the 930-VEE has been sold and shipped around the world, and we've been involved in other special projects related to the auto industry. We continue to create and produce more VW items, and look forward to improving the quality, looks & comfort of your VW.  Check out our new "Westfalia Style" Vintage Luggage Trailer, which can be towed by any vehicle.  And our "No Worries" emblems and charm necklaces are just cool!


We make installing our parts as simple as possible. Click here to read the instructions for installing your new part.

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